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The genus Anemones are a large group of flowers (around 120 species), many native, and many that have been hybridised into a variety of flowering colours. They are all hardy and tend to prefer full sun or semi-shade in well drained soils.

The native Woodland Anemone (Anemone nemorosa) is one of the joys of spring with its masses of star-shaped white flowers. There are many other forms such as ‘Robinsoniana’ with pale blue flowers and ‘Alleni’ with it’s large cup lavender-blue flowers.

Anemone nemorosa

Anemone nemorosa

Another popular Anemone, is the Anemone × hybrida ‘Königin Charlotte’ (or Queen Charlotte) which flowers in late summer and autumn in semi shade, and it’s tall too at 1.5 metres high. The flowers are a delicate pink (pictured).

Anmone x hybrida 'Queen Charlotte'

Anmone x hybrida ‘Queen Charlotte’